watercolor speedpaint | Bloemenkleurboek om te aquarelleren

Hello, all! In today’s watercolor speedpaint I wanted to try out a new color book for watercolor I have bought in theNetherlands. The designs itself are pretty, and useful for watercolor because they are big flowers that can be easily watercolored.

Working in layers

When you want a smooth gradient and also when you do not know how the paper will take the water, I suggest you work in layers. It is important to properly dry the paper after each layer. You can use the same color to deepen the flower, you do not have to mix a more concentrated watercolor mixture.

Deepen the colors

If the watercolors are too transparent, you can try other mediums to bring life to the painting. I used my Inktense pencils. These special pencils are used in order to deepen the colors as they are a highly concentrated acrylic pencil. In the end, if you are working in the background do not forget to make t fade out, and be more concentrated below objects.

Fixing mistakes

This paper absorbed the water very fast, thus I made a mistake in the feathers of my birds. in order to fix this, u used a lot of white gel pen to add highlights. In the end, the piece still looks nice.

Enjoy the video: 


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